Blind Barber is In The Mo (pause? lol) / “Loose Tights” – Hussle Club

AJ the Barber
(via Blind Barber via In The Mo) Just peeped this vid last night, It came out nice…Must have been on Saturday (My Day off..)Shout to the Barber Homeys: Gogy and Nick of Hussle Club… Speaking of Nick and Hussle Club, Peep there Latest Music Video, “Loose Tights” below: What up, Prince Terry? Follow him on Twitter: @PrinceTerrence Oh and Shout to the homey, Nicky Digital, who is usually shooting at the Blind Barber on Tuesdays…I didn’t realize this was out yet, came across the vid while lurking on his site..Cool dude, Follow him on Twitter, too: @NickyDigital via Nicky Digital