AJ the Barber
‘I’m Broke and NEED to $ELL MY SNEAKER$, I Have No Choice…This is going to be a 2-3 Week Project, and it Begins with releasing Part 1 to a 2 Part Video Documentary Project, the first part Titled “Can I Kick It?” Starting Today with Eric Cruz, I will spend the next 7 Days Posting 99 Different Sneakers on EBAY.. Here’s a little Sample of what I’ll be posting over the next Few Days ;) (All MEN SIZE 9.5-10…There’s one 10.5 in there somewhere) SHOUT TO THE HOMEYS David HurwitzChris WhiteJelani Cinque, andAnthony Robert For Helping make this Happen! Also, Shouts to Sage HazarecordKeisha JonesJoseph AlbanoEric Tuy, without your help as well, this wouldnt be possible. I would also like to thank those of you, some of who’ve I’ve tagged (and if I forgot to Tag you on Facebook…’Fuck Me and My Life’, For you. :) You are still appreciated…) your existence has helped mold and shape my way of life and thinking and encouraged my enthusiasm and love for Art which was also necessary in my research and consumption along the journey. Just a Student of LIFE trying to do what FEEL$ RIGHT and FIND MY$ELF. KNOWLEDGE of $elf is KING. LET’$ BREAK BREAD. PEACE and LOVE, -A “Once the Poor/Broke, WORKING CLA$ MAN, LEARN$ that HE, Not the Rich, Overprivileged, Man, i$ the TRUE BEARER of WEALTH; THE WORLD Becomes HI$ KINGDOM.” #Thoughts #InMyMind